Wild Things & Castles in the Sky

Wild Things and Castles in the Sky: A Guide to Choosing the Best Books for Children gives the reader over 40 essays that examine specific types of children’s books and offer suggestions in each category. Among the topics covered are: imagination, faith, classic literature, middle school books, race, fantasy, contemporary children’s books, Shakespeare, art history, Newbery books, young adult novels, poetry, and more. Curated and edited by Leslie and Carey Bustard with Théa Rosenburg (a mother-daughter team and a children’s books blogger), Wild Things and Castles in the Sky will encourage and envision parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends to know the power of a good story and to share it with a child they love.

Only the Lover Sings

The face-to-face encounter between Jesus and the woman at the well sets the stage for both Matthew Clark's musical album and this series of thoughtful essays from Andrew Roycroft, Lanier Ivester, Théa Rosenburg, Adam Whipple, Heidi White, Jessie Todd, Adam R. Nettesheim, Amy Baik Lee, Junius Johnson, and Rex Bradshaw. Only the Lover Sings, the first book/album duo of The Well Trilogy, explores the ways God invites every one of us to bravely turn towards Jesus and be surprised by the gladdening light welling up in his facea meeting that overflows as a life of grateful song.

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